Physical Book or eBook?

by Francis

I wonder why there’s a lot of difference reading a physical book and an eBook. With a smartphone in the hand equipped with the gateway to unlimited virtual resources, the Internet.

We are likely to go with the easiest way to achieve an eBook i.e downloading it from the web, rather then spending some serious cash on a physical book. It saves storage and money, but at the same time the actual feelings and vibes are developed by a physical book not an eBook. Hence the preferable option is a physical book, over an eBook for most of the readers and even I feel the same.

Physical books are more than the words they contain, they’re also tools to stimulate your senses and adjust your thinking.


When I don’t feel well I’ll stare at the page forever before realizing I haven’t absorbed a word. When that happens I’ll try to understand why, What’s gotten in my way. On the other hand there are books I can take in effortlessly. No matter how awful I’m am feeling. Why do those books draw me in.

I think it maybe a sort of mental tuning. Its the feeling of paper against my fingers, that familiar smell of pulp and glue, the momentary stimulation of my brain when I turn each page. These sensations regulate and focus my brain, they make it work better. That’s the best part of going through a physical book.

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