Will of Fire (Hi no Ishi)

by Francis

Naruto, one of the best anime I’ve ever experinced. Going back to my boyhood, I still remember the first day when I had an encounter with Naruto. Once, I went to call my brother for an outdoor game at his home. While he was changing his clothes, I was waiting in the TV room for him. It was Cartoon Network streaming some show related to Ninja on the TV, I just had a glimpse of an episode, it was Zabuza and Haku’s Arc. The little glimpse of the arc had made a deep impression on my mind. And the next day I started watching it. Unfortunately the show stopped streaming on the television after few of the episodes. After few years I completed my +2. And started Bachelors in Engg. at a College, In my First Year I discovered about the series of Naruto on the Internet, seeing it at-once I surfed through the web, found a suitable website and started to watch the series, Which finally came to an end last year (23rd March 2017). It was a great adventure After which I went through tons of other anime series as well.

There is only one will and that is Will of Fire, The will that doesn’t let you give up.

Masashi Kisimoto

Will of Fire (Hi no Ishi; in Japanese), these are the three words, which had a great influence in my life. Firstly, let me define what does it mean, ‘A strong feeling that does not let you give up, to protect something you love the most, and thats the reason you can’t give up’. Fortunately in the real world and likely in this century there are no more wars and stituations of life and death, w.r.t Average Person. Hence there are some minute incidents in our daily lives which require a strong will to face the situations or consequences with respect to the particular situation. There’s more to it than you think, most important thing to carry a Will of Fire is to be an example for the upcoming generation, because you are going to pass it down to them. So they can carry it and pass it to the next one and the cycle goes on and on. This is the way how it works.

Whereas, in my case I indeed lack Will to stick to somethings, not everthing but there are somethings, I think I should work upon and need Will of Fire so that I cant give up on them. (Sighs….) Well its such a drag to push myself over something, I’m not intrested and there’s no way I can backdown. Finally, I have to advance facing the obstacles what life has to offer.

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