Depth of Anime Music

by Francis

β€œMusic gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”


That is absolutely what I agree upon. But there’s more to it. It happens often with me, each time I watch an anime it has that signature music in it which connects the flow of the story or the scene with a strong emotion. Almost like the music breaths in life into it. And when I hear the same music accidentally somewhere, Swish……!! Like a breeze the vibes of the whole story of that anime flashes in front of me.

That just doesn’t apply when you haven’t watched the anime but you listen to the music b’cos your friend suggested you to hear it, and its like, listening to a total stranger who is blabbing about his life in a totally different language and you have no idea about anything you hear. So I watch the particular anime before listening to the music to get the actual feel out of it.

Well, I love this amazing theme music track from the anime ‘Fairy Tail’. I used to listen this track with my friends, Dhake and Vishal in a blank environment with a calm flow of music in the air recalling each and every moment of the Fairy Tail guild and the strong bond of friendship among them.

Those moments were awesome.

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