Amazing Moments of Nature

by Francis

I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.

Frank Lloyd Wright, Truth Against the World: Frank Lloyd Wright Speaks for an Organic Architecture

Sometimes I come out from the shell of Virtual World to enjoy the natural entities and those are the most wonderful moments I experience.

A freshness enters in each cell of my body when I am surrounded by trees, chirping tweets of beautiful birds and fresh air swirling around fluttering the leaves with a touch of joy. Everything is so well established and arranged that I wonder if Nature were to be a programmer, it would’ve been an excellent coder to write such a flawless script that runs perfectly, replicates and develops itself.

There is no better designer than nature.

Alexander McQueen

Last year, when the monsoon had almost arrived with a pleasant and delightful season for the flora and fauna. I was enjoying the fragrance of the first rain in the front-yard of my house, until I observed a nest holding three tiny eggs on a bush of a Henna Plant (locally known as Mehndi). Furious tweets of a bird (Red Vented Bulbul) on a nearby Mango tree distracted me from the nest, like it was warning me to stay away from the plant with the nest. I backed down and maintained a fair distance, my mom joined me and said, “Stay Away, you may frighten them.” with a soft tone I replied,”But….”, she interrupted me, totally ignoring what I had to say and continued,”When the eggs hatch and the baby birds come out of their delicate shell, a life cycle enters in the flow of nature. A very rare moment to be witnessed. I always wanted to see it.”, I continued to watch the nest, now visited by the same tweeting bird as if it was checking everything’s okay or not. After a few mins of bird watching mom called off for a hand in work, and we left.

After a week on a beautiful rain-less afternoon, I checked on the nest from the window of my house, it was not that clear but the eggs were already hatched and I was able to see the chicks begging for food and then I saw something amazing which ended in few seconds. I took my phone ran towards the nest with a tripod in the hope of re-occurrence of that amazing moment. I fixed my phone on a tripod, focused it on the nest, retreated with an excitement to the window of my room. After 10 to 15 minutes of waiting it happened, it was amazing, awesome, what a wonderful moment. Check what was amazing in the video below (Note: Use Headphones and feel each moment, it will surely bring a big smile on your face?):

Quite a common phenomenon but still the depth it carries portrays a wonderful feeling for me. That day I showed this video to mom she was dazed by the motherly feeling of that little moment. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture the hatching part but still the feeding moment was priceless.

Here’s one more video when I tried to play with a pack of cute puppies in my backyard, just a garnish to this post….

They were interested in my phone rather than playing with me, well it was fun until one of them licked out my phone. But they were too adorable for any scoldings.

One touch of Nature makes the whole world kin.

William Shakespeare

Nature is full of surprises, it makes us to explore it more or more. Share your amazing moment w.r.t nature and what it is like from your point of view? The Comment Section is all yours.

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Shruti March 14, 2018 - 9:25 pm

Hello Mr. Francis. I am Shruti, I like the way you show your feelings and connect them with an event.

I live in Delhi, surrounded with a hectic enviroment. Each and everyday seems tiring and the same routine follows day by day. I was mentally stressed so I planned to go on a trip.

I had a facinating experince with natural enviroment when I went to Manali for a trip. The valleys on the way were so colourful and the cold breeze felt as if it had a pinch of freshness mixed in it. My trip to Manali was a life changing journey.

I am subscribing your blog for more amazing post. Welcome ?

Francis March 15, 2018 - 11:33 am

Thankyou Shruti, I read your little life changing trip and I think during the time of mental stress or dilemma, change in the environment or a trip to naturally exotic locations are more helpful than any pharmaceutical drugs.

Aejal Patel March 15, 2018 - 10:45 am

I agree that the common and little things in our surrounding bring us so much joy. Whenever I witness the beauty of the rising sun or the reflection of the trees in the lake near our house, I get delighted. Sometimes even a Periwinkle is enough to remind me about the beauty of life. In spite of being small, this moments are memorable for me.
Keep writing and sharing your ideas. I am eager to read more. :):)

Francis March 15, 2018 - 11:24 am

Thankyou, I am glad that you liked the post. I’ll try to present much more interesting content in the upcoming posts.


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