The World of Imagination.

by Francis

It was around 9 years ago when I was transferred to another school, miles away from my hometown. Unfortunately it was a boarding school, initially I was happy but at the very second day I was like moaning Myrtle. As the time flew by, everything started to become familiar and I was habituated to the environment. Then one fine day everything changed.

There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder.

Ronald Reagan

“Chapter 5. Atmosphere”, Geography Sir announced, attaining to my senses I focused on the ongoing lecture. After few sleepy and boring minutes, a quarrel caught the attention of the class. A fearsome debate between two brilliant students of the class sitting on the first bench, side by side. Well….. Sir had to unravel the mess, but it was exasperating for him to end the argument caused by those quick-wits. After a few minutes of struggle he managed to end the quarrel and continued with the lecture. Suddenly there was a screeching irritating sound, a student sitting behind told,”Its the recess bell, they’ve installed a new one”.

The class was dismissed and the students were going outside of the class, meanwhile I went to inquire about the quarrel to the suspects ( the two brilliant students), along with my friend, Niraj. Surprisingly the whole argument was based on a mere novel, ‘What was so special in the novel that could cause an argument…!’, I thought. Curiously I glared at the novel on the desk, “Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows”, I freaked out. I was a great fan of the series but never had any idea that the plot was based on a literary adaption. Niraj had the same thoughts wandering around his mind. Ignoring the details of the quarrel we borrowed the book from one of them, sat on our bench, placed the book on the desk, opened it with curiosity blazing in our eyes, ‘Chapter One: The Dark Lord Asce……’. suddenly the same screeching sound and the recess had ended.

Miserably we hid the book under the desk as it was Hindi Period, Sir entered the class and started writing, while the class was packing with the students who’ve picked Hindi as the preferred language subject for the upcoming examinations.

Within few moments the class was full. Favoring the circumstances Niraj placed the book on the desk hiding from the view of the teacher, and we started reading it page by page, as I was reading it felt like I dived into the book and was floating in mid air experiencing the events happening in front on my eyes. All the buildings seemed very real, the gush of air when the Death-eaters flew by me, the horror in the hearts of people when they scream, the chill in the weather caused by the devilish aura. It was amazingly awesome.

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.

Carl Sagan

Few days later, I along with Niraj found some Harry Potter Books in our school library. We borrowed them, more like we stole them from the library and we became addicted with the books. And started reading them in the hostel at the evening free hours, during the on going lectures in the class (the booked was covered with a brown cover so teachers won’t notice it), during the Sabbath in the church (we disguised the book in a bible cover so no one around would notice it), we read it 24/7 day and night, discussing the concepts, arguing with each other on the facts based on the book, gathering information and extending the ‘World of Imagination’ w.r.t the Magical World of Harry Potter.

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