Traverse Along

by Sumedh Magar

Nowadays we’re of used to thinking of travel as the ‘fun’ bit of life, but enjoyment isn’t a reason why it shouldn’t also do some very serious things for us. At its deepest level, travel can assist as with our psychological education it can — when approached the right way – play a critical role in helping us to grow into better versions of our normal selves when it corrects the imbalances and immaturity of our natures, travel reveals its full potential, to function as a form of therapy in our lives and same happened to me. So basically I’m normal being with unique difference with society and I always drowned myself into the thoughts of self exploration right from being a kid to stepping in adolescence to being on the verge of being an adult, I experienced so many things at this little big time period of life, from failure in academics to heartbroken in relationships one thing keeps me wondering about the true meaning of life and the answer was as George Santayana suggested “what is life but a form of motion and a journey through a foreign world.” And by the time I could understand the philosophy of journey or travelling, I came across another question “who we are?”

What is life but a form of motion and a journey through a foreign world?

George Santayana

Who are we ? This is the question travel poses and gives us the chance to answer on holidays we throw off our roles as worker, student, docile consumer. of course, many of us cherish what we do and would never want to stop being doctors, engineers, writers, teacher, etc but everyone needs space, even if only to better appreciate what they temporarily leave. Travel is like the Japanese word ‘ma’ which indicates a space or interval, but not in isolation, it is a clearness that defines the objects it separates and give them a special beauty. disrobed of roles, we see ourselves for a moment in still clarity.

When we travel, we cast off the labels that normally define us. We can re-evaluate the habits, beliefs and values that are handed down by culture. There is a moment in a good journey when you realize who you are independently of roles, money, convenience and comforts that is the moment when you value yourself as ‘just’ a human being. It is the realization that if you want to flourish, you had better start with a deep valuation of humanity. Travel is consciousness raising, travel can give you the empowerment of meaningful choices, the reflective distance of rest and a re-connection. with what is important that does more than recharge the life to which you return. It reinterpret your life as worthwhile, regardless of contingent identities.

Travel is only glamorous in auto-respect.

Paul Theorex

Sometimes, travel does not deliver what it promises travel can be a sources of relaxation and unhappiness, travel often necessitates a long time to recover. But that’s the beauty of journey, it pat your back and next moment kick your ass pretty much ironical to life. Well that unknown situation let down your ego and transform into a humble being, journey is poetic it may be devastating sometimes, its has all wrapped gifts waiting for you to explore. People spend their lives in one place and never realize whats beyond the horizon. Travel also turns you into a storyteller, look around you to see what new and exciting inspiration you can find to put your own stories. Some of us travel forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls, we all are in a journey where the destination is unknown, sometimes there’s caravan sometimes you are all alone, sometimes you find your soul some of us are lost but the journey continues, travel makes you modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. so travel for your life, travel for your soul, travel for you… Traverse along.

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