Drops of rains holds memories!

by Aejal Patel

I am walking on the road with hurried steps clutching my red umbrella on a busy rainy day.

My feeble attempt at protecting myself, my books, my clothes and my precious phone was failing terribly.

The constant honking of vehicles and the sight of water everywhere irritated me to no end.

I cursed the rains and still moved forward.

My legs moved forward, my mind did not.

One chain of thought followed another and I was thinking of the power cut last afternoon due to the rains.

A man walking by sneezed and I silently blamed the rain again.

All the big and small problems I had (both real and hypothetical) got tied to the rains with an invisible thread.

The waterlogged roads, the tiny insects that crept into my house, the lack of extra space, the damp smell of clothes, and the gloom that just spread around, I couldn’t move around freely, travelling in public transport was a tough endeavor, ahh life became three times more hectic than usual.

Oh, I felt like the first victim of the dementors in the morning.

And as I went on ranting in my head, I spotted three kids, splashing around in the little puddle of water on the road.

They had books, no bags, no umbrella and yet they were having the best out of the rain.

Inspite of all the negative thoughts brewing in my head, I couldn’t stop myself from clicking a picture.

I felt a little envious of the kids, how could they be so carefree?

I wanted that kind of joy too.

I keep reading and listening about the little joys in life and here I was still clutching to myself to the umbrella and obstructing my own joy.

The little kids helped me gain a new perspective.

Also, I realized I complain so much. I am one of those people who can spoil an entire day with a little thought. I did not like being that person so much.

The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

An year after that incident, the events of that day are still fresh in my head.

The sight of kids playing in the rain was the patronus to the dementors in my head.

It is one thing to see someone doing something and know that this could make me happy and another to actually be doing that thing regulary. It is difficult, especially in the beginning but this was worth a try.

So the next time I got an opportunity, I tried playing the little game of splashing water on my friends.

Of course, I have been drenched in rain before, but this time more willing.

Slowly, my view of the rains started to change. I still had all the problems, but I was thankful my region was not flooded, or equally worse, I did not live in a drought prone area.

It is 2019 now, the monsoons have began and I am trying my best to keep my chain of thoughts positive about the rain.

I try not to complain. Especially not about the rains and try to keep the happy moments and memories of the rain fresh in my mind.

Why, the petrichor has been my favourite smell and it came with the blessings of the first rain!

I saw a child in glee in a store with his multicoloured umbrella even without the rain.

The inner foodie in me reminded me of hot onion pakoras and tea I had last Sunday evening.

How many times have I fell in love listening to Rim jhim gire Savan! Oh, there would be multiple playlists of rain songs!

Dazzling sunlight falling on the little water droplets clinging unto the flowers is a treat to the eyes and if I was lucky enough I could witness the vibrant rainbow.

The little rain runs I had with my siblings while going to the school flashed before my eyes.

I also remember how me and my sister went out after a downpour, found a branch of tree we could reach and shaked it vigorously and enjoyed all the water falling on us with bliss.

Only a book lover can understand how a dull and boring rainy afternoon can be a adventure curled up in your blanket with your favourite book!

All my surti friends would readily agree to bunk a lecture or call in sick at work only to go to dummas and enjoy the view of the sea.

It still irks me, the waterlogged road, dirt everywhere, the traffic, water and dirt everywhere, the never ending delimma of should I carry an umbrella or not, but I try not to complain about this things. Solutions to tackle this problems exist.

So, here is to all the people who have been blessed with the rains, go live a little more this monsoon.

To my readers, tell me what is your view about the rains?

What is your favourite rain activity?

When was the last time you made a paper boat?

What is your special rain memory or moment?

Go ahead and tell me in the comment section! Till then, Happy Monsoons!

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Vishal Warule July 7, 2019 - 12:14 pm

Nicely written. I liked your observations and I felt like it’s about me . Talking about my that time I hate rain when I need to go somewhere dry. But when not required I like to get wet . Like especially I don’t like it while going to school so I use to pray for it but at way back to home I pray for rain. I think it’s rain only which is a medium to connect to nature . It whisper’s in our ears that we should enjoy our life from our busy schedule. Remind us , nature exists and we are a part of it .
Lot more to say but I liked your effort respect your thoughts . Keep it up , you can influence others .

Aejal Patel
Aejal Patel July 7, 2019 - 3:06 pm

Thank you for your kind words.
I am glad you could relate. Yeah, many a times we take nature for granted and we should appreciate it more often.

Edwin Dhansukh Gavit July 8, 2019 - 1:48 pm

Loved it mate. Though, i only sleep when it starts to rain. And thanks for letting us know the joy of rain, it makes me wanna start playing football in the rain again.


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