Bizarre Truth of Life

by Francis

Imagine yourself standing in an infinite white space, empty and clean without a speck of dust around you. Initially you’d wonder, Where are you?

All sorts of such random questions will pop up in your brain. Minute by minute the ‘?‘ will turn into a fear. Lets hype things a bit, the infinite white space is consumed by darkness and there is an infinite black space surrounding you. How would you feel now? Your fear levels will surely overflow and all sorts of assumptions will strike your clueless brain. And later on it starts conjuring your deepest and darkest fears around you Ex. a pile of corpses of all your loved ones.

Terrifying right, but its just an imaginary scenario or a dream. Yup, that’s right a dream. I faced recurring episodes of this particular dream last week. Every-time it flashed a new fear lied in-front of me. These fears portrayed bizarre aspects of life which were undeniable and true.

The Freedom of life is chained by our fate.


I tried to visualize few fragments of my dream in the video above, also linked them with few quotes. Check it out and have fun.

We ignore truths for temporary happiness.

We always see what we are allowed.

We are always limited by bounds.

We are always tied to something.

We’ve always been attracted by something.

All of us have to die we are limited by our lifetime.

But we’re born to shape our own destiny.

To be free completely free.

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Aejal Patel July 13, 2018 - 8:58 am

I have watched the video multiplied times now. Everything from the words to images about this post and video is perfect. You are inspiring. 🙂


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