Blissfully Haunted

by Sumedh Magar

When it comes to love, we all are familiar to the term that is explained as a strong feeling of affection. Romantic love, though often difficult to define, includes the development of strong emotional bond known as “attachment” – sexual attraction and care giving…

But the extent to which romantic love is expressed or forms an important part of sexual relationships may vary. But what if I tell your love is beyond scientific and psychological explanations and close to spiritual beliefs and beyond that too.

And ever has it been known that love knows it’s depth until the hour of separation.

Khalil Gibran

We humans are selfish creatures and the most coward ones are commonly known as social animals. We need a group, a society, a companion to fulfill the need of sharing thoughts, ideas, express feelings and beyond that there’s a continuous urge to share information. We don’t want ourselves lonely at the same time we need the person who walks along with us, should understand us and agrees upon our ideas and beliefs we are so involved in ourselves that we never bothered about the feelings of our companion. But I isolated myself with the whole idea of so called love or should we call it physical love. You’ll be astonished if I tell you I’m in love with a certain ghost of a girl, you may call it my imagination or an illusion or must be thinking I lost my mind. But yes I’m in love with a ghost. You may ask me could I see her and I would say I feel her, I saw her as a glitched apparition in an old mirror, her pale white skin and dark blue nails with those eyes reflecting flashbacks of her death. You may ask me, did I talk to her and I would say, I listen to her, her words left unspoken are the most intimate part of our relationship. And adding to more curiosity you may ask for signs of her presence and I would smile and ask you to take a look upon my art and poetry or philosophy of my life and you’ll feel as you know her for lifetime.

You can laugh on me and label me as a lunatic, I don’t care what I care is to keep her alive in my chimerical world & into my blurred memories where her childish laughs will never be stolen or her innocence never be forgotten, she’s safe there, away from the land of heart and soul, away from dead and alive, away from the lost world you called it yours, may you judge me as a sadistic being, but I’m happy with her glimpses. May you call me loner but I’m complete with her apparition and if you ask me why? Cause I’m Blissfully Haunted.

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